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UPPAbaby CRUZ V2: The perfect stroller for a toddler and baby!

“The best stroller to take you from running errands at home to family vacations around the world, the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 effortlessly combines style, function and quality.”

Life with little ones is busy and getting them from place to place can be challenging. Chris and I knew when we were looking for a stroller to accommodate our two boys, we needed something that was functional and high-quality, but still stylish and easy to travel with. This is really like our kids’ little “car” for the next few years, so we wanted an investment that would be comfortable for them and practical for us. Enter the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 stroller – a stroller that can be used from infancy and can accommodate a busy toddler too.

Just like car shopping, we started comparing strollers and visiting a few different shops to see what we liked. The differences really started to stand out. Some strollers are massive, some feel really cheap and like they wouldn’t stand up to toddlers and others seemed more focused on cute features that weren’t practical. For us, UPPAbaby was leagues above the rest. Their strollers have the function and durability we were looking for, along with a stylish and sleek look.

The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 stroller was our pick for the best fit for our lifestyle. We needed something light and easy to travel with … no one wants to be that parent trying to juggle getting onto a train or plane with an unwieldy stroller and kids in tow! It also has the durability I wanted because this stroller needs to survive not only kids, but airport baggage handlers and all kinds of terrains and roads. And it also had to accommodate 2 kids.

We’ve used other stroller brands in the past and found that UPPAbaby really stands apart from the rest with how effortlessly it combines practicality with sleekness. It’s the perfect stroller for our adventures – from getting groceries or heading to the park at home to loading it on a plane for a family vacation.

It’s also a great fit for both our kids because it has the unique “piggyback” accessory that our oldest (he’s 3) just LOVES. The PiggyBack Ride-Along Board attaches to the back of the stroller for the “big kids” to stand on. He thinks it’s his own little skateboard and we love that it gives his feet a break while we are out exploring. This means no more lugging around multiple strollers or having to carry a heavy child, all which saves so much time, space and sanity!

Our Favorite Features

Stroller shopping is hard and when we picked the UPPAbaby Cruz V2, it was easy because of all the features that made it stand out from the rest.

  • I love how high our youngest, Zave, sits while in the chair part of the stroller. It’s easy to have eye contact with him to catch those sweet baby grins, reach over to play with him and talk to him about the amazing sights around him. It also keeps Zave further away from the ground where there’s car exhaust or other things we don’t want him near.

  • It easily breaks down, so it’s super portable. With the push of a button, I can remove the seats and then with a little pull, the stroller folds up to carry. This was a must as we live on the second floor of our building with no elevator. I needed a stroller that was lightweight and could be carried up and down stairs.

  • Easily maneuverable to get through tight spaces. We live in the city, so we’re constantly walking around, getting on the metro and navigating our way through crowds. The small turning circle on this stroller makes it very useful to get around small spaces, like turning around in a subway car.

  • It’s sleek and stylish. The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 is slim and has a minimalist design to it. It’s that classic, never go out of style look that works for years to come. But what’s great is all the accessories and bags available to customize the stroller to make it your own.

Game-changing Accessories

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying an accessory that doesn’t fit or work like you hoped. The accessories for this stroller have become essential for us!

  • I highly recommend the PiggyBack Ride-Along Board. If you have two kids and the older one gets a little tired from walking

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    , this is perfect. Our oldest loves standing on this to ride around the city like his own personal skateboard. It also easily folds up when we’re on the go.

  • You can get an  infant bassinet that simply attaches to the base, so you can use this stroller with a newborn. It keeps babies lying flat, while keeping them nice and cozy inside.

  • There’s also the Infant Car Seat addition that attaches right to the base. The car seat snaps right into the base of the stroller so you can easily transfer a sleeping baby from the car to the stroller. This is perfect for short trips and going to and from the airport.

  • The diaper bag, to go with this stroller is so sleek with a very masculine look to it, which I love. It’s spacious to fit all the essentials for traveling with a baby, but still feels nice and small. It’s also masculine enough for my husband to use as the go-to bag when he’s out with our boys.

Traveling with the UPPAbaby Cruz V2

Having a collapsible stroller like this has been a game-changer for us. Gone are the days of having to drag an entire stroller system from airport to airport. Instead, this stroller easily folds up to store on a car, train or plane.

If you’re planning to frequently travel with this stroller, the travel pack is essential. In airports, we just roll up to the gate with the stroller, fold it up and put all the pieces into the travel bag and check it right at the gate. The bag is super lightweight, so it’s easy to transport. The travel pack also includes its own travel insurance. If you register with the TravelSafe Program, if the stroller gets damaged during air travel, UPPAbaby will cover the cost.

The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 is hands down, a very useful stroller for both our kids – especially with that appropriate accessories. Once your baby gets a little older you can switch from the bassinet  to the regular seat for the stroller and feel confident your child will have a comfortable ride.  If you’re traveling with two little ones (including one who is old enough to stand upright) and your destination requires a lot of walking, I can’t say enough about the PiggyBack board. It has saved us so many times!

Another great option for a  travel stroller is the UPPAbaby MINU, especially if you have one child. This is the stroller we used when our first child turned 1 and it is really the most compact stroller we’ve come across. So if your child is past the infant stage, able to sit up on their own, and you don’t need an entire stroller system, the UPPAbaby MINU is definitely worth checking out. The MINU traveled with us through Greece, Croatia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. You really can’t go wrong with a UPPAbaby stroller.

About UPPAbaby

UPPAbaby is an American company that’s really making a name for themselves. They have high-quality products to help parents navigate life with a baby and make things easier along the way.

UPPAbaby has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and draws inspiration from the parents who work for them. They are focused on making strollers and baby products easier to use, more fun and stylish. The company also looks to make their strollers and other products both comfortable and safe for babies and convenient and sleek for moms and dads.

All their products meet the most stringent safety standards in the industry. UPPAbaby also gives back and has donated more than $2 million worth of strollers, car seats and accessories to families in need.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a stroller that will last for years and take you right from newborn to toddler and beyond, I can’t recommend the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 enough. From our casual walks around the city to traveling with it across the globe, it has not only met our expectations, but far exceeded them.

Through all our adventures, it has been comfortable for our kids and durable to stand up to our travels. While it isn’t the easiest to bring up and down the narrow staircases of Amsterdam where we live, it more than makes up for it with the durability, style and comfort. This stroller really is an investment, so make sure you protect it while traveling and it will be your go-to item to help make memories with your kids.

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